Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big boy in a little coat...I mean body.

We got the most fabulous of updates this week.
This little guy is the prince of the crèche. His mom will never believe it, but Little Lou
actually engaged me in play and enjoyed laughing with me.

He was very cute in the pre-school, although definitely not into it. There are a few kids at
the school who are on the younger age spectrum and they basically just
walked around and picked up toys and threw them. Fun times.

He is an adorable kid and really growing into his personality.
The auntie pictured here is his favorite and his mom and dad have met her on both of their visits and know that Lou is a favorite of hers. She takes him around everywhere whenever possible and he relishes in the special attention.
This is what I wrote in my notes about him while I was there: "Big boy TRAPPED in little boy body. But he is very affectionate and makes eye contact much much easier than he used to. He is doing fantastic.

This came from my favorite A.S. -- S.W. - you know who you are!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Labor of Love!!!

First of all my dad is amazing!!! He's the best dad in the whole world! He made Kobe's bed. It's been a year in the process but is finally in Kobe's room ready for Kobe to sleep in it. So here are some pictures from the process:

First he made the under dresser and drawers.

Then he made the head board and foot board and fitted it to the under dresser.
Then he stained it and hauled it to our house - it took two trucks!
After bringing the bed in the house and putting it together he screwed a few braces in to keep everything in place.

Then in family tradition he signed the bed: "Sweet Dreams Kobe ~ Grandpa Allen ~ 3-1-09"
Then the bed was made with great care.

And his room is officially ready.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Update Time!

We got an update this week with a photo! BONUS!! Lou is in preschool! It says he doesn't participate much and that he doesn't like to share with his mates. Considering he is TWO we are not terribly concerned. Also, it appears our paperwork is close to going into MOI - which is fabulous news!

****Check back tomorrow for how the bed got in Lou's room!!!****

Sunday, March 1, 2009


How did this get here?