Thursday, May 29, 2008

Donations or strange yard sale?

Can you spot your donations??? Thank you everyone for all your donations - this is a lot of stuff. More specifically it is:

16 Packages of Baby Wipes
52 Cans of Formula
4 Bottles of Children's Ibuprofin
3 Bottles of Children's Tylenol
1 Bottle of Infants Tylenol
6 Bottles of Pediasure
4 Bottles of Children's Cold Medicine
1 Bottle of Poly Vi Sol Infant Vitamins
1 Bottles of Detangler
2 Bottles Baby Cologne
900 Cotton Balls
12 Tennis Balls
48 Packages of Top Ramen (not in picture)
3 Ink Cartridges

And there's more not in the picture!! We also have more Pediasure on it's way to us!!


Thanks for all your sweet comments on my rant below, I needed it. Adoption is so awesome but so heartbreaking at the same time - and I really can't wait to get Kobe home so we can do it all over again.

I have been really thinking the past few days about how I show someone I will be a good mom. Someone who knows nothing about me or my family.

Our doctor's letter was done correctly and we have our other documentation - I had to write a cover letter to go with those documents telling why we think Loudince is a good match for us and supporting the strength of our marriage. I think that was the most important letter I have ever written. I put a lot of thought into it and lucky for me I'm good with words. When I started typing the letter it took minutes (and not because I'm a turbo typer Nate) because I just put my every honest thought into words and I think it shows an accurate picture of just how much we not only want Kobe but how much he means to us already.

And you just never know maybe we'll hear we are out of IBESR today!! Wouldn't that be cool?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Will it ever end??????

Documents shmockuments I am so sick of this paper chase I could scream or cry whatever happens first.

We now have to get proof of "cohabitation" preferably ten years worth - yes for those of you who know me that would mean Nate and I moved in together when I was 16 - you cradle robber Nate. And no we did not live together then - so I happened to find a rental agreement from 2002 - thank you Nate for missing that on one of your "throw everything in sight away" whirlwinds.


We have to provide a doctors letter - notarized. Since it took nearly 2 months to get the first one I'm proud to say that I called the doctors office last Friday and the NOTARIZED letter is being mailed to me today. I won't get my hopes up until I see it was done correctly. The first letter basically said that we had no communicable diseases and this letter says who knows what but it's apparently extremely important.

Both of these documents have to be notarized, authenticated, and translated which (parden my sarcasm) could take another 5 months (I honestly have no idea how long this could take)

I have officially lost hope that our baby will be home before he turns 2. It may have been unrealistic to hope for his homecoming before we ring in 2009 but I was hopeful, and now I'm not.

I always like to look at the bright side so on the bright side the counter on the top says we get to leave for Haiti in 17 days - that is really really good news.

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Photos!!

Here are some new photos of Kobe from this week. Looks like he had his head shaved!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The quote that made my day!

This is what Melissa has to say about Kobe aka "Little Lou"

"Little Lou is the fattest kid here. He is always eating and wandering. He is SO cute."

She also sent me a message to tell me "Little Lou is a terror!!!! He is so freaking cute."

I'm dying to meet him, he sounds so full of err personality and umm life?!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update, live from Haiti!

We heard today that Little Lou is quite sleepy and such a cutie. My new favorite person in the whole world posted a couple of photos of Nate and I above Kobe's bed and said he is doing well. Now hopefully he can practice saying mama and papa!!

Thank you Melissa!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pushing the limits!

I think Kobe is a push the limits kind of guy. But the good news is I went shopping again for our trip!! Here are a few adorable outfits for him. I think I'm done buying outfits for him to wear while we are there - if I keep going it's likely I'll be changing his outfit 10 times a day.
The surfer dude outfit on the right my mom found for him at Old Navy - so cute!
The shirt says "Sponsored by Dad, Supported by Mom!
We also received our update from Granny Bin. Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update Time!

We received our April update today! So Kobe is now 31 inches and 25 pounds 4oz. He really likes to keep all the toys to himself, still. He also is a night owl and loves his milk. Well they actually say he sleeps well but falls asleep late which to me is a night owl. I hope he likes to sleep in, because I do!

Here's a cutie picture of him we got with the update!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Showered With Babies

We had a baby shower a couple of weekends ago, it was so fun! I think we should have baby showers every weekend just to get girls together to laugh and eat. Now that's a good idea!! Here are a few photos...

Excuse me, I was a little excited about the froggy scoop!


One of Kobe's future girlfriends...he has many! Isn't she A-DOR-ABLE!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Laundry has never been so fun!

Tonight I did my very first load of laundry for Kobe. I've washed many many baby clothes before for my nephew Javien. My first load of laundry for Javien was pretty exciting too but now four year old clothes are much larger and the novelty has worn off.

I washed Kobe's super cute outfits that we will take for him to wear while we are in Haiti. His little clothes are so fun to fold and sort. I can't wait until he comes home and I get to fold all his little socks!

I'm a crazy person I know but for now I am just going to relish the fact that I just washed baby clothes and it feels so good.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

You can have my picture but you're not getting my autograph.