Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our pilot had a lead foot.

We are at our gate in Denver dining on delicious airport food and waiting to take off for Miami. Our pilot drove so fast when we landed, even I was a little nervous - I think he had a connecting flight he was late for or something it was crazy. We took a corner to come into the gates and I thought we were going to come up off the ground again.

In more fun news they didn't like that we had diapers and no baby at the airport so Nate got strip searched...ok not actually strip searched but he had to get patted down (lucky guy) and I had to answer a whole bunch of questions about where we were going, why, where our son is...blah blah blah. Oh well. The guy was totally nice about it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best Summer Ever!

Tonight is the eve of the biggest day of our lives so far! We leave bright and early in the morning for Miami - we plan to eat delicious Cuban Cuisine at La Carreta. We arrive in Haiti early Monday morning, spend a few days adjusting to our new family, and arrive home Friday afternoon at 1:30. For us tomorrow marks the first day of the best summer to date!

I hope to post from Haiti so keep checking for updates.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kobe Loudince is coming home!

Kobe's Visa was received today! We will be traveling to pick him up on May 31, 2009 and home on June 5, 2009.

We are getting everything packed up and ready to go!!!! Thanks to everyone for all their prayers, happy thoughts, and positive vibes - it worked.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you pray please say a prayer.
If you think happy hippy thoughts think happy hippy thoughts.
If you send positive vibes send positive vibes.

The bad news is we did NOT get a Visa today. The good news is we fully expect to GET a visa tomorrow. Either way our boy is coming home but we still don't know when. Our biggest hope is we will get news as early tomorrow afternoon as possible that our Visa is in hand.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Golden Ticket

Lou Lou's Visa appointment went well and as long as no printer cords are lost or ink runs out the Director in Haiti should be picking up his Visa anytime after 2:30PM Haiti time tomorrow.

We do not have travel dates yet. Which is so disappointing but we are going to get through the next few hours and days because we've waited a whole lot longer than just the two years it's taken so far. The glitch with that is with such short notice prices for plane tickets out of our town have skyrocketed and so we may have to drive 5 hours to another state to fly in and out.

Lou will be home soon!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts!

Lou's Visa appointment is tomorrow morning at 8AM in Haiti!!

Think happy thoughts!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Good News Wake Up Call!!

I woke up this morning to an email from USCIS Haiti that said we are approved!!! I cried. Instantly. Then pulled myself together!! We still don't have a date to travel but I'm certain it will be soon.

What's next? Our file is passed on to the consulate where Lou Lou will have his Visa appointment - then a day or two later the director will pick up the Visa. Once it is in her hand we will be allowed to travel.

Last weekend we went to the closest big "city" (LOL I guess you could call it that) and shopped 'til we dropped for clothes for the little bambino. He is going to be the cutest kid ever!

Monday, May 11, 2009

April Update

Well with the news from last week this update wasn't nearly as anticipated as previous updates. The update in fact does say we are in INS. INS is also known as USCIS - which stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. We also received some much appreciated photos of our growing boy! The part of the update that made me cry was this:

Departure preparation The staffs have been encouraging him to look at the pictures of his adopted family. (They) are frequently telling him he will be going home soon.

Wow. That really hits home. I am completely speechless, there are no words to accurately describe how excited we are. Wow.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So when is he coming home?

We just don't know yet. I know you all want to know - and so do we! Nate and I have learned over the course of this adoption that it's unpredictable so we don't know yet when Kobe will be home but we are fairly certain it will be soon!

The other day I told Nate that since we were not out of MOI yet that we should probably prepare ourselves to spend the majority of the summer without Lou. Because that is what it takes mental preparation or as my dad would say we had to do our mental psyching. It's what you do to brace yourself for a major let down. What we got instead was thrilling news.

I'm really weird when I get good news on the phone - I felt much like I did when Vivian called oh so long ago with our referral. My world kind of spins and on the inside I feel like I need to jump up and down and scream and cry but on the outside I stay fairly calm but pace around a little bit. In this case I paced my office at work and my face turned bright red from excitement.

So in an effort to keep our "mental psyching" over the last two years we have refrained from buying clothing, toys, and filling our yard with kid stuff. Kobe is our first child and it would be quite depressing for us to have a yard full of toys and nobody to play with. Not to mention we wouldn't get anything done because we would be playing on the toys ourselves, anyway what I'm trying to say is that today I present to you the swing set - go big or go home baby because when we do kid toys we skip the small stuff...Thanks Papa and Granny for helping us finish this monster - if Nate and I kept going at the pace we were Kobe would be long graduated from college by the time we got it done!

PS: Yes as a matter of fact Nate and I were swinging and sliding all afternoon, ya know - to make sure it's safe and sturdy. It is.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adoption News Bundle Pack

We our out of MOI!!!! Have been for a little while it seems since we also have his passport. Oh no that's not all his birth parent interview happened this week. Oh yeah and we're in INS.

Now today goes down in good news history. I have to go make lists or something, I don't know but I have a lot to do.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Times...

Wouldn't it be fun if this was how the typical conversation went:

Kind stranger: "Hey when is your son going to be home from Haiti?"
Me: "Oh that's so nice of you to ask, he will be home on May 31st, 2009 at 4pm in the afternoon"

Instead it goes like this:

Kind stranger: "Hey when is your son going to be home from Haiti?"
Me: "Oh umm well I am not sure, I wish I knew, but...
Kind stranger: "What do you mean you don't know?"
Me: "Oh well we are getting closer!!!" (smiling really really big and hoping he will drop it)
Kind stranger: "But haven't you been trying to get him home for a long time now?"
Me: (clearly not having fun anymore and not smiling) Yes. (wanting to add thanks for pointing it out jerk)
Kind stranger: "Well I just don't understand how they can keep you waiting this long when there are so many kids who need homes...."
Me: (eyes glazed over staring off into space can't think of anything to say) "Yeah. Goodbye." (wanted to say "go away please")