Monday, August 25, 2008

I've been thinking...

I wonder if any banks are hiring in Haiti? Not that I've thought this out too much but I could probably live at the creche and work at a local bank - Lou could stay with me and when I had to work it's like instant nannies everywhere. I could totally walk to work and I'm sure my Haitian Creole for Adoptive Families book would get me by until I could pick up more of the language.

Have I lost my mind completely?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

The rumors are true - we are going back to Haiti in October! Even better yet, my mom is coming with us! Kobe gets to meet his grandma!!! It's so exciting. Our tickets are booked and we are just thrilled to get to go back to visit. We left not knowing when we would be back. This time leaving is sure to be difficult but I think I am better prepared now knowing how it all works. Now I know how to leave Kobe or I should say who to leave him with.

Nate and I miss our little boy so much. I can honestly say my arms ache to hold him, I get all teary when I look at his photos because I honestly don't know when he will be home. I keep telling myself he will come home but I have no idea when. It is so frustrating, I want our file to be signed out of IBESR right now! Do they even have any idea how much this sweet little boy is loved? His room is practically ready, which I'm so glad because whenever I'm missing him I can work on little details - like hang a new picture, or write on his chalkboard closet doors.

For now I will leave you with this photo, I've been shopping again!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

July Update

Disclaimer: Yes, going into this, I knew it would be a long process, I knew that I would love Kobe no matter what BUT in my defense I didn't realize just how intensely I would miss my little cupcake sweetie pie (yeah I know that's girly I don't care). We do have an update finally but it's basically no news. We are still in IBESR - 6 months now - it's getting me down - there's just no way around it. Colors are muted, food is bland...just kidding.

My little baby chubby Lou is no longer - just look at him - he's a handsome little boy who grew an inch - ONE - WHOLE- INCH - He slimmed up like kids do and looks extra handsome. The girls are going to be knocking our door down.
Our update also says his mood is friendly, his behavior is improving and he is listening better (it's ok you can laugh out loud now, I am), he plays better with his friends and that about sums it up.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breakfast at Tifanni's

Actually it was dinner at Fuddruckers with Tifanni, Mike, & Aurrora - parents and big sister of the adorable boys featured on this blog!

We met up with them to have some dinner and talk about how cute our kids are which is a good form of therapy. It was decided that when we meet up for dinner with all four kids (someday soon I'm convinced) the restaurant will have to have a playplace. Aurrora was awesome and put up with all the boring adult conversation like a pro!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Name For Ko-Lou

I would like to interupt this video series to announce that no indeed it is NOT too girly to call Kobe SASSY - so staying true to my promises I told Nate that if I won this little game - that Kobe's new name would be KOBE LOUDINCE SASSY MCSASSTER -- what do you think??

Saturday, August 2, 2008

July Trip Back from the Creche!

The July trip returned safe and sound from the creche - I have so many photos I'm not sure where to begin! April, Beth, and Melissa all took great photos of Ko-Lou for us - thank you so much you fabulous ladies!!

Beth was super nice and delivered the picture poster to him along with a treat (Trail Mix) she was able to get some great photos of him eating his snack and looking at his photos. She said that he looked at the photos with Elta (his favorite) and Elta explained to him what they were - he looks real interested in the pictures and it looks like he wanted to show his friends:

He really enjoyed his snack - he loved eating my Trail Mix when we visited - except he didn't like the M&M's at all when I visited - he acted as if I stuck a lemon in his mouth!! And now he eats them - such a one year old!!! I love him SO much!The next photos are from April - some of the kids (ok MOST of the kids) have had the chicken pox lately and I think (am nearly 100% positive) that Kobe had them right after we left - he has a few marks on his skin but for the most part it looks like he's all healed up. It would seem convenient that he had chicken pox while he was in Haiti but sadly it kind of reminds me of one more thing I've missed - but I'm sure he'll have plenty of colds and coughs when he's home so I can play nurse and cozy him up on the couch and serve him juice and toast all day! In the last photo I'm pretty sure he's saying "STICKERS ARE FOR SISSY'S" -- he's sassy like that.